All Risk Horse Mortality & Theft Coverage

This coverage reimburses you for death, theft, or humane destruction of a covered horse. Equine mortality policies are often made up of several "pieces" and not all companies' policies are comparable.

Specified Perils Coverage

This covers your horse for death, theft or humane destruction caused by specified perils listed in the policy, including but not limited to fire and lightning, earthquakes, electrocution, drowning, transit risks and attack by wild animals. It is important to note that this policy does not cover your horse for death due to illness or disease.

Commercial Equine Liability

Equine liability insurance is indispensable for anyone with a horse-related business.

Farm Package

This policy provides property insurance to cover your home, household contents, barns, sheds, owned machinery, equipment, tack, and livestock. It also provides liability coverage for your on and off- premises horse operations, such as boarding, breeding, racing, training, horse shows, and riding instruction.

Prospective Foal Coverage

This covers failure of the prospective foal to be born alive, or death of the prospective foal after its birth but prior to the expiration date of coverage.

Stallion Infertility Due to Accident, Sickness, or Disease

This provides coverage should your stallion become totally and permanently impotent, infertile or incapable of serving mares due to an illness or injury.

Transit & Coverage Outside of the USA / Canada

In this industry, horses are often shuttled around the world to race, breed, or go to auction. As such, we offer coverage for air transit to and/or from the USA and may extend Mortality coverage to include new territorial limits. An additional premium will be payable for this coverage.

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